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eBay Active Content.

eBay has announced that in June 2017, active content will no longer render (make active or visible) active content in any listings. Make sure to remove these features so that it does not impair your buyers' experiences when viewing your item descriptions.

By Fall 2017 eBay will block and remove new and existing listings that contain active content. This means that sellers with active content will need to update their listings to become compliant with eBay's new rules.

Active content is used by many sellers to provide interactivity, animation or video and includes JavaScript, Flash, Form Actions (search forms) and plug-ins. This active content inhibits purchases on mobile devices and also poses potential security risks.

Why is eBay removing Active Content?

One of the most important reasons is for a better buying experience, across all devices.

By removing active content from your item descriptions, your listings will include the following benefits:

  • Faster load times
  • Having all content visible on mobile devices
  • A more secure marketplace
  • Improved exposure for external search engines, such as Google

These benefits make it easier for buyers to view your items, which may increase the likelihood that they will purchase from you.

How does this affect KD Web Hosting Designs services?

As an eBay certified provider of design, I have been working hard to re-develop popular features such as photo galleries and tabbed terms to be 100% compliant.

KD Web Hosting Design will continue to offer the following great features on listings without any use of any active content:

  • Responsive mobile design
  • Click-to-enlarge image gallery
  • Product information tabs

If you have an old design from KD Web Hosting Design and want to fast-track your conversion, why not call to discuss a vastly reduced re-design?

Do You have Active Content in your current listings?

To see if you will be impacted by these changes, you can use eBay's item description preview tool. This will allow you to see what your description will look like when active content is not rendered.

To use the tool, view your item page and click the preview option in the item description tab. This preview link is only visible to you, the seller. Buyers cannot see this option and previewing the item does not alter the description in any way.

If you find active content in your listing templates and do not know how to revise your template, please contact me. I can give you a quote to remove the active content leaving you with nice clean listings.

New policy for linked files (css, img) in listing templates.

To align with new industry security standards, eBay will begin exclusively using the HTTPS communications protocol. Item descriptions that contain externally-hosted cascading style sheets (CSS), images, or HTML5 video may be affected. To ensure that your item descriptions and images display properly, ask your hosting provider or third-party partner to support HTTPS and update listing templates or descriptions accordingly.