About TagBot.

Whether you are a Windows or Apple user, TagBot will allow you to edit your eBay listing templates easy, fast and without needing to know any HTML!

Enter your text and image URLsinto clearly defined fields, and you'll be given the exact output code needed for beautiful listing descriptions ready to post straight to eBay or your favorite listing service!

Please read the installation instructions below before installing the program.

The download version is for Windows users only. There are no hidden attachments, adware, or spyware in this download. The download is unsigned, so security may ask if you are sure you trust this site - and you can *grin*. The download uses the ClickTeam installer. McAfee tagged it as a Trojan. Make sure your virus definitions are updated.

Note for Windows 7 and above: When you run the TagBot.exe file to install the program on your computer, we recommend that you choose a custom directory on installation. Windows will typically want to put the program into a 'Program Files' or 'Program Files (x86)' folder. This is not recommended, as some features of the software do not work from this folder. Instead, you should install the software to a custom 'TagBot' folder on your desktop or 'documents' folder.

Windows users will receive a ZIP file containing their template.tpl file. You will need to EXTRACT the file and save it in your TagBot folder. The TPL file will not work correctly if you try to use it directly from the ZIP file.

Apple users will receive a link to do their listings online. You will also receive a TXT file of the TagBotted template.

  1. Double-click your template.tpl file to open it - it should automatically open in TagBot.
  2. Make sure you are in the EDIT tab.
  3. Fill in your item details in the data fields. Sample text has been left in to help with formatting.
  4. Enter your picture URLs. These must start with http://.
  5. Enter your YouTube video ID.
  6. Click EXPORT › PREVIEW to see how your listing will look.
  7. If you have changes after previewing, go back to the EDIT tab and make your changes in the applicable field(s).
  8. Click EXPORT › PREVIEW again to check your changes.
  9. If everything looks good, click EXPORT › COPY to copy the ready code.
  1. If you did not receive a personal link for your template, open your template.txt file in your default text editor.
  2. Copy and paste the code into the top window and click the MAKE SLOTS button.
  3. Fill in your item details in the data fields. Sample text has been left in to help with formatting.
  4. Enter your picture URLs. These must start with http://.
  5. Enter your YouTube video ID.
  6. Click the HTML FROM SLOTS button to generate your code and preview.
  7. If you have changes after previewing, make your changes in the second window and repeat.
  8. If everything looks good and you are ready to list, click SELECT ALL and copy the code. You can also save an HTML version. You will not be able to edit the HTML version in TagBot, but you can open the file in your text editor and make changes.

In most cases (we will let you know) your listing description field and terms of sale text fields allow you to use standard HTML tags for formatting text, inserting links or images.

Keep in mind that your template has already been coded with fully customized style settings to format the font face, size, color, spacing and alignment. And in most cases, sample text has been left in the data fields. If you choose to override the template's preformatted global settings, your text section display may not be optimal.

Here's a quick list on the most common basic HTML formatting tags:

Paragraph Tags <p>There will always be an open and close tag.</p>
Line Breaks <br>
Bolded Text <b>my text, bolded</b>
Italicized Text <i>my text, italicized</i>
Underlined Text <u>my text, underlined</u>

Bullet Lists: Be sure to begin and end the list with <ul> and </ul> tags, and begin and end each row with <li> and </li> tags, like this:

<li>This is line item 1</li>
<li>This is line item 2</li>
<li>This is line item 3</li>

You should NOT use any advanced HTML tags in these fields, or you may cause display/functionality issues.

Do not use HTML in your data title field, just plain text. Image fields and link fields that require a url address will be noted for you.

Your listing was designed to display a maximum number of product images, per your final approved template mock-up design. A 'Note' is added at the top of the template to let you know the minimum size the photos should be. Unless otherwise noted, your photos can be of mixed sizes. If the layout demanded photos of an exact dimension, we will let you know.

All photos need to be uploaded to an image hosting account (such as www.photobucket.com), or a web hosting account (your own website will work if you have one). We also offer web hosting just for eBay if needed.

When adding your photos, make sure the URL always starts with http://. Photobucket gives you different choices. Always select the Direct link.

If you do not need to use all available photo slots in your template, uncheck the 'Include this Photo' box next to the photo field in TagBot.

You will probably have content, including your listing terms of sale, that you will want to save into the template file for regular re-use, rather than enter it separately with each new listing. You can easily save a version of your template file with changes in TagBot:

  1. Open your template in the TagBot editor
  2. In the EDIT tab, enter the text information into the input fields that you would like to save for future re-use.
  3. From the top horizontal menu bar in TagBot, select FILE > SAVE EDITED DATA FIELDS.
  4. Give your template a new name, such as 'Template-With-Terms', and save to your desktop, or TagBot folder.

You now have a new copy of your template, with the terms of sale fields completely filled in, which you can reuse indefinitely.

It is advisable to save EVERY listing TagBotted so you can edit the listing in the future if need be.

It also is a good idea to save a backup of the finished code, you never know when you might need it! From the EXPORT tab, select FILE > SAVE AS AUCTION CODE add '.txt' to the end of the file name and save it!

When you are ready, LIST 1 OR 2 TEST AUCTIONS with your new listing template - all the way through to eBay - so you can be assured that there are no unexpected issues - BEFORE listing several new items.

If there are any issues with your test launch, please let us know, and include the following information:

  1. Description of the issue you are seeing.
  2. What browser you are using AND version number ie. FireFox 52.0.1.
  3. Link to a live listing where we can view the issue for troubleshooting

The best way to contact us with this information is through our contact form, so we will see it right away and we can address the issues as soon as possible.