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Zen Cart Ecommerce Websites.

Having a professional eCommerce site is not as expensive as you would expect. Zen Cart offer you everything you need to maintain a powerful eCommerce site with NO monthly charges!

It is recommended purchasing e-Start Your Web Store with Zen Cart, a great resource to learn how operate your site and all the available features.

What is included:


An unlimited number of products, pricing, shipping, newsletters, sales and more are managed by you through the administration area. The shopping cart is already set up to receive payments from several popular payment gateway services and shipping can be handled by flat rate, weight, zones or quantity. Not only does Zen Cart offer a very long list of features, the system is designed with both store owners and web developers in mind. There's no sacrifice of usability or power.

  • Easily keep your products/catalog updated - no HTML coding required to add, delete, or modify products.
  • Merchandise Pricing options - single and multiple items can be put on sale. Sale options include percentage-off, fixed amount off, new price, etc. Sales can include or exclude product attributes. You can add or exclude a discount from a special. You can put a whole category or the entire store on sale.
  • Products can be marked as Featured for specific highlighting/attention.
  • Products can be linked and/or copied to multiple categories.
  • Product attributes can be added, either as radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down lists, text boxes, file uploads, file downloads, and more. Attribute options can upcharge the price of an item, and an item can have its price completely controlled by attributes. Attributes can be configured as read only so as to provide a features list.
  • Search options allow you to search for products based on name, description, metatags, price, and more.
  • Meta tags keywords and descriptions can be controlled at the per-product level, all from the administrative interface.
  • See sample below
Zen Cart Ecommerce

Design Process

Site is built on your domain and takes 6 to 8 weeks depending on complexity.

Complete Project Questionnaire

Receive Mockup(s)

Choose Design

Coding of Project

Installation and Testing

One-on-One Training


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*You must supply your own logo for all Zen Cart projects! If you do not have a logo, a suitable font for your name will be used or you can purchase a custom logo for only $129.